Cross Domain File Transfer

Bulwarx provide a quick and safe solution to transfer files between internal secured networks using an integration with Bulwarx Transporter and OPSWAT products. Instead of investing expensive and heavy-maintenance solutions, Bulwarx can solve the challenge efficiently, by defining and orchestrating a configurable file transfer process using lightweight and easy to install tool.

With our solution users can easily implement process focus on IT needs. Clear and intuitive user interface allows users to configure Profiles and User-Exits and monitor process statistics in real-time. In addition, Bulwarx transporter can handle massive loads and yet allow smooth business continually.

Combination with OPSWAT products  bring capabilities and advantages to maintain cross-domain file transfer with data sanitization on a fast and secure way.

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Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) for MFT services

GoAnywhere Manage File Transfer product (MFT) is responsible for moving and sharing files between enterprise networks.

But how you can protect against data leakage on the file transfer channel?

Forcepoint DLP is an advanced data leakage prevention system allows searching sensitive information in files including OCR capabilities and much more!

Bulwarx developed RESTful layer on-top of ForcePoint DLP native APIs allowing rapid and simple integration and reduce development effort significantly. Combining all together, provides a secure and monitored way to scan every file with the advantage of Forcepoint DLP before the data leaves your local network.

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Integrate OPSWAT MetaDefender with
GoAnywhere MFT

GoAnywhere Manage File Transfer product (MFT) is responsible for moving and sharing files between enterprise networks.

But no file is allowed to enter your local network before advance scanning, right?

OPSWAT MetaDefender Core is an advanced data sanitization system allows scanning malicious files with CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) in high performance and premium quality!

Bulwarx build an advanced integration allowing every incoming file from the GoAnywhere MFT product to be processed with OPSWAT technology.

The advance integration includes parallel file processing (previous scan will not affect new files), detailed logs that allows you monitor the complete process, the ability to choose different policy rules for each secure-folder, and much more!

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Portable Device Sanitization using Bulwarx Analyzer and OPSWAT MetaDefender

Bulwarx provides a solution to investigate suspicious workstations and Virtual Machines using the OPSWAT MetaDefender Core Technology and generating signed PDF report.

The report includes the complete operating-system files verdicts and makes forensics processes faster and more efficient.

The solution combines WinPE for running on offline operating-systems environments including Windows and Linux, and pre-install Bulwarx Analyzer that process all the files, including hidden and system files with OPSWAT MetaDefender Core.

This solution helps companies to achieve fast and quality investigation with an easy to install solution.

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