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Professional Services

Expert integration and implementation services for seamless solution deployment and expansion.

Project Management

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Efficient project management from inception to completion for successful client-driven outcomes.

Human Integration

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Simplified Staff Augmentation (outsourcing) for Information Security Professional.

Managed Security Service Provider MSSP

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Outsourced cybersecurity services for organizations.


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Customized software development for enhanced and fully integrated security solutions.

24/7 Support Center

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Customer-centric support center ensuring success and satisfaction.

Project Management Anchor


Our Project Management team runs and leads turn-key projects of different size, handling every stage of the projects from their inception to completion.


Working closely with the customers, the team supports the pre-implementation discovery as well as the planning, coordination and execution of the projects according to the requirements and constraints expressed by the clients.


Every risks are prioritized and a roadmap mitigation plan developed to keep the projects on schedule and ensure a successful delivery of the solution.

Professional Servics Anchor


Our Professional Services team delivers and carry out best practices for implementation and configuration of the solutions, whether our customer is deploying the products for the first time, or expanding the solution to other departments.


With a strong expertise in the field, our technical engineers provide on-site and remote deployment, installation and configuration services as well as recommendations.


The team identifies and resolves issues related to activation and implementation of the solutions to ensure successful deliveries.


From a Proof of Concept (POC) phase to scoped project, our team works towards building quick and successful solutions which are also tested prior their onsite delivery to ensure the system behaves as expected.



As part of our services, we provide software development complementary solutions that extend the implementation scope and enhance your integrated security implementation with customized software to maximize its effectiveness and to extend its potential.

Development Anchor

BULWARX Managed Solutions Service Provider 

Secure file transfer from anywhere and everywhere without maintaining a local computing infrastructure or training teams; we do it all for you. 


Our Managed File Transfer (MFT) service provides a secure and efficient way to share files using a reliable protocol and powerful automation capabilities. With our MFT service, you can transfer files without worrying about potential data breaches or disruptions to your workflow.


Our Breach and Attack Simulations (BAS) service allows you to assess your organization's security posture by safely executing simulated attacks. 


And that's not all – we're expanding our MSSP services to offer even more solutions. Stay tuned for exciting new developments soon!


Chat with us to find out how Bulwarx MSSP can help your business.

Cloud infrastructure

Simple and fast connection

Expanding additional services
and effortlessly adding models

Infrastructure maintenance
by a dedicated  Bulwarx team

24/7 support team

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And that's not all – we're expanding our MSSP services to offer even more solutions. Stay tuned for exciting new developments soon!


Chat with us to find out how Bulwarx MSSP can help your business.

MSSP Anchor
Support Center Anchor


Bulwarx is built on a foundation of customer satisfaction, so our support team is optimized for customer success.

Communication channels:

Online support system

Online support system

Support Center

Email-based support

Email-based support

Phone support

Phone support

 +972.77.220.2222  ext. 1

Human Integration Anchor

Bulwarx Human Integration

Recruiting top information security professionals can be challenging. It's crucial to find candidates who can stay ahead of ever-evolving cyber threats and adapt to the changing needs of your organization.


But the work doesn't stop once you've successfully recruited your team. To maintain a strong and secure team, you need to evaluate and review their performance regularly, retain promising talent, and provide them with professional support and relevant training. 


At Bulwarx, we understand the challenges of managing information security employees and are here to help. Meet Bulwarx Human Integration - a simple and smart solution for recruiting and employing information security and infrastructure professionals.

With our employee recruitment and employment services, you can rest assured that you'll have the right professionals for the job and that they'll receive the support they need to stay up-to-date in a fast-paced industry.

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