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Comprehensive Breach and Attack simulation(BAS) platform, which Identifies risks by safely executing simulated attacks.

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Identity solutions and Privileged Access Management (PAM).

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All-in-one cloud-native security SSE platform, including multi-vector DLP.

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Cato SASE cloud, a global converged cloud-native service with SSE 360.

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Multi-layered protection against advanced security threats, including malware, phishing, and zero-day threats

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Simplified and secured Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution

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CyberArk Products

PAS Solution

CyberArk Privileged Access Solution Suite provides the ability to organizations to put controls in place to proactively protect against, detect and respond to in-progress cyber-attacks before they strike vital systems and compromise sensitive data.



EPV (Enterprise Password Vault) - PSM (Privileged Session Manager)

Enterprise privileged identity and access management solution that rotates business-critical passwords and keys, provides secure internal or external remote access to company resources and meets regulatory compliance using the complete PAS solution suite.

EPM (Endpoint Privilege Manager)

Helps enforce least privilege and Credential Theft Protections allowing organizations to block and contain attacks at the endpoints.

AAM (Application Access Manager)

Provides Secrets Management for Applications, Tools, Containers and DevOps.


Bulwarx has extensive experience and best practices for CyberArk products implementation in varying environments.

We meet unique customer requirements by developing tailored solutions on top of the PAS infrastructure.


Forcepoint Products

Web Security

Provides fine-tuned control over users’ web access and protects against web threats such as viruses, malware, data loss, and phishing attacks on-premise or in the cloud.


Email Security

Provides maximum protection for email systems where each message is processed by a robust set of antivirus and antispam analytics to prevent malicious email from entering an organization’s network.


CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker)

Gives a full visibility into Shadow IT, discovering cloud application use, analyzing the risks and enforcing appropriate controls for SaaS applications.

DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

Discovers, monitors, and protects critical information or IP for data at rest (discovery), in motion or in use.



NGFW (Next-Generation Firewall)

Protects network from threats by monitoring and controlling all incoming and outgoing network data.



Data Guard

Secures file transfer and synchronizes data flows (TCP/UDP) between physically separated networks.


Bulwarx is a leading integrator for all Forcepoint products and in addition provides the official technical training to the Israeli market.


SafeBreach Products

With SafeBreach, You can quickly identify and visualize gaps, easily collaborate to speed Remediation, and efficiently reduce the attack surface. The ability to target and refine the most important information security gaps according to the degree of severity of the weakness will help you to focus your team's effort exactly where it is needed.


SafeBreach also integrates with various technology partners, providing valuable context to prioritize vulnerabilities and allocate resources to remediate security gaps.


The SafeBreach customizable dashboards and reports can enhance visibility for stakeholders, allowing them to quickly understand existing gaps, evaluate risks, and identify security drift.  


The reports provide an overview of the organization's security posture, broken down by different categories such as the MITRE ATT&CK framework, known attacks, and threat groups, enabling efficient decision-making and alignment with a security strategy.

SafeBreach Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) Platform

Attacks to reveal actual risk 

The platform utilizes a patented Hacker's Playbook™, containing over 28,000 attack methods. It replicates a hacker's mindset and continuously tests the efficacy of the existing security controls against advanced attacks. And it is updated with newly discovered threats within 24 hours, allowing proactive testing against the latest threats in the market. 

Attacks to reveal actual risk 

SafeBreach provides powerful insights into an organization's security posture by aggregating and visualizing security-control performance data. 


This unique real-time data helps to understand the attack surface and recognize vulnerable network segments and threat groups that present the highest risk to your business. 


SafeBreach reveals the organizational exposure, the impact of threats across the entire kill chain, and the mitigation options.


Provides Actionable Insights For Quick Remediation 

The SafeBreach platform provides actionable insights into the root cause of successful breach simulations. With SafeBreach, You can quickly identify and visualize gaps, easily collaborate to speed Remediation, and efficiently reduce the attack surface. 


SafeBreach is our top choice BAS platform. Leveraging our extensive knowledge of information security tools, we ensure the optimal utilization of SafeBreach's robust capabilities.


CATO Products

Revolutionizing Secure Access with Cato SSE 360: A Comprehensive Solution for All Traffic and Edges

Traditional SSE solutions are based on a web proxy architecture that supports access to websites and SaaS applications. To enable ZTNA for all applications, transitional SSE vendors had to introduce yet another architecture of application connectors. Even with that extension, traffic generated by enterprise edges like IoT, app-to-app traffic, and most WAN traffic remain outside the scope of SSE.



But Cato SSE 360 is different. It's built on the Cato single pass cloud engine architecture, which means it can provide total visibility, optimization, and control of all traffic (WAN, Internet, and cloud) and across all edges (Users, Locations, applications, and clouds).


With Cato SSE 360, you get global access optimization using a global private backbone with built-in traffic acceleration that outperforms the unpredictable public Internet. And with the seamless path to full SASE transformation, you can expand your deployment to include Cato Socket Edge SD-WAN devices.

CATO-  Security As A Service:

Cato's security as a service is a set of tools built directly into the Cato SASE Cloud network as part of a tightly integrated software stack. Security policies are applied consistently across all traffic traversing the network, eliminating the need for disparate edge security devices.​

Next-generation Firewall

Cato NGFW can inspect both WAN and Internet traffic, enforcing granular rules based on network entities, time restrictions, and type of traffic. 


Secure Web Gateway

The Secure Web Gateway (SWG) can give you granular control over your Internet-bound traffic, allowing you to enforce corporate policies and prevent downloads of unwanted or malicious software.


Cloud and Data Security

Cato's Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) provides IT managers with comprehensive insight into their organization's cloud application usage, covering both sanctioned and unsanctioned (Shadow IT) applications.


Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Cato's Data Loss Prevention (DLP) can help you protect sensitive information from being uploaded to or extracted from the cloud or physical data centers. 


Advanced Threat Prevention

Cato offers Next-Generation Anti-Malware (NGAM) protection and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) capabilities as part of Cato's Advanced Threat Protection. Both services inspect WAN and Internet traffic, and Cato's PoPs inspect TLS-encrypted traffic in the massively-scalable Cato Cloud, so there are no scaling constraints or additional latency from cloud-based traffic inspection. 


Bulwarx is the top integrator of CATO's products in Israel. We leverage our extensive expertise in security as a service solution (DLP, CASB, WSG) to offer best practices and insights for our customers. 


MetaDefender Core

Main server running all the OPSWAT sanitization technologies (CDR, Multi-Scanning, Archive handling, DLP, True-type dedication, Vulnerability detection, and more) to ensure organizations they insert clean files into their network.




Gives organizations the confirmation that remote devices comply with their security policies before accessing cloud applications like Salesforce and Microsoft 365.


MetaDefender Central Management

Web-based application that gives administrators an easy way to manage every MetaDefender solutions from a central location.



MetaDefender Email Security

Allows organizations to add an SMTP layer to the Core solution and gives the option to examine and protect emails traffic from malicious threats.

MetaDefender ICAP

Gives organizations the option to integrate with web proxy (Forward and Reverse proxy) and protect the companies’ web traffic from malicious internet content by scanning every files for malware and vulnerabilities.

OPSWAT has partnerships with multiple web proxies’ vendors such as Symantec Blue-Coat, F5, Squid, McAfee, Fortigate and more.

MetaDefender Kiosk

Simple user interface using MetaDefender Core to scan files and inspect all type of media to detect and stop malware, vulnerabilities, and sensitive data security threats before they enter organizations’ network.



MetaDefender Vault

Secure storage web-based solution which has a built-in integration with MetaDefender Kiosk to allow secure file uploads, and with MetaDefender Core to scan all files.

When scans are complete, the Vault sends email notification to the end-user with secure link to download the files.



MetaDefender Drive

Provides a device analysis solution in a USB form factor that embeds multiple anti-malware engines and OPSWAT vulnerability detection capabilities. It is crafted to analyze devices at rest and once plugged into a USB port, MetaDefender Drive is able to quickly and easily boot into any device in an organization that is believed to contain suspicious files.

OPSWAT Products


Bulwarx is the OPSWAT Official Technical Support Team of the Defense Ministry of Israel and all its subsidiaries.


GoAnywhere Products

GoAnywhere MFT

Comprehensive File Transfer solution that manages organizations’ file sharing, secure FTP and automation needs through a single web-based management interface.



The MFT has flexible workflows capabilities that allow organizations to create multiple files transfer transactions from every type of resources such as CyberArk SIM Vault, Databases, text files, Amazon S3, Azure Blob storage….


It also can be integrated with a sanitization system like OPSWAT MetaDefender Core and, a DLP solution like Forcepoint DLP.

GoAnywhere Agent

Agents are managed by GoAnywhere MFT giving a lightweight application to automate file transfers and workflows on systems securely (both remote and on-premises) throughout organization’s network.

GoAnywhere Gateway

GoAnywhere Gateway is a reverse and forward proxy that gives organizations the option to move files securely from external networks to the organizations’ private networks without saving files in the DMZ.




GoDrive is a sync and sharing secure documents storage solution that allows IT administrators to maintain local control of file security and user access.


Based on our vast experience and deep knowledge on the SIM solution, we offer to organizations a complete solution for replacing CyberArk SIM Suite to GoAnywhere.

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