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PAS Suite


Privileged accounts represent the largest security vulnerability an organization faces today. In the hands of an external attacker or malicious insider, privileged accounts allow attackers to take full control of an organization’s IT infrastructure, disable security controls, steal confidential information, commit financial fraud and disrupt operations. Stolen, abused or misused privileged credentials are used in nearly all breaches. With this growing threat, organizations need controls put in place to proactively protect against, detect and respond to in-progress cyber attacks before they strike vital systems and compromise sensitive data.


SIM Suite


CyberArk’s Sensitive Information Management Suite (SIM) is a secure file transfer solution for sharing, protecting, and auditing critical information access within and beyond the enterprise, and is available as either an on-premise or cloud-based solution.

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Bulwarx are the official trainers of Forcepoint in Israel

Web Security

Advanced Threats involve sophisticated, multi-stage attacks with built-in techniques to evade detection while they’re stealing your sensitive data. TRITON AP-WEB stops more advanced, non-signature threats to your data than any other solution – including Blue Coat, Cisco, and McAfee (Intel Security)!

Insider Threats – such as employee theft and malware that slips into your network– are just as dangerous as external ones. TRITON AP-WEB is built on a unified platform that enables all of our products to work together and provides industry-leading reporting, sandboxing and DLP capabilities. TRITON AP-WEB is the proven leader in preventing data loss, whether deployed in the Cloud, hybrid or on-premise.

Data Security

Forcepoint™ enables you to discover and secure your critical data whether it resides on premise, in the cloud or on an off network endpoint device. We extend our Enterprise DLP across your high-risk data loss channels as well stopping data loss and theft by malicious insiders, outsiders and broken business processes.

Email Security

Advanced Threats blend Web and email elements throughout multi-stage cyberattacks to probe for the weakest channel of attack, but this strategy also presents multiple opportunities to stop those attacks before possible breaches occur. TRITON AP-EMAIL secures the communication channel most often used in the early stages of an APT or other advanced attack to identify targeted threats as well as high-risk users and Insider Threats while empowering mobile workers and safe adoption of new technologies like Microsoft Office 365™.

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MetaDefender Core

Metadefender is a powerful and flexible security solution for ISVs, IT admins and malware researchers, providing simultaneous access to multiple anti-malware engines, heuristics, data sanitization and additional threat protection technologies residing on a single system.

At the heart of the solution, the Metadefender Core multi-scanning engine uses up to 40+ anti-malware engines to scan files for threats, significantly increasing malware detection.


It can be used to analyze a large database of files and provide extensive data points about which engines have detected each threat. It is also easy to use alongside other analysis software, including dynamic analysis solutions, to provide detailed contextual information about files.

MetaDefender Kiosk

The Metadefender kiosk is available either as software that can be installed on your own machine or, by working with select kiosk vendors, pre-installed into a standalone or networked scanning station.

The Metadefender kiosk uses Metadefender Core to scan files for known threats and can be deployed in both online and offline environments. Many facilities using the technology have secure, locked-down environments with limited or no network connectivity.


Below are several ways that the Metadefender kiosk can be deployed with Metadefender Core in a secure environment. Additionally, OPSWAT has a recommended deployment guide for Metadefender Kiosk to help organizations find the best deployment option.

Bulwarx MetaDefender connector for CyberArk SIM

Scan CyberArk safes using Opswat Metadefender multiple antivirus engines solution! Click here for more details.


All-In-One MFT Solution

You no longer have to use multiple products and scripts to handle your file transfer processes.

GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer is a comprehensive solution that will manage your organization’s file transfer, file sharing, secure FTP, and automation needs through a single interface.

GoAnywhere's MFT software has the flexibility to simplify, secure and audit:

  • Batch server-to-server file transfers

  • User-to-system ad-hoc file transfers

  • Person-to-Person file collaboration

Secure Mail

The Secure Mail module in GoAnywhere MFT allows your employees to send messages and files as secure "packages" on an ad-hoc basis.


Recipients will get an email with a unique link to each package, allowing them to download the message and files through a secure HTTPS connection.


This is a great alternative to regular email since there are no file size or file type restrictions.

A Secure Mail package can be sent to multiple individuals, in which each recipient will receive a unique link for security and tracking purposes. Packages can additionally be protected using passwords.

GoDrive For Collaboration

GoDrive provides Enterprise File Sync and Sharing (EFSS) services for your employees and partners.


With GoDrive, files and folders can be easily shared between users with advanced collaboration features including file revision tracking, commenting, trash bin, media viewing and synchronization with Windows, Apple and Android devices.

GoDrive is your best alternative to cloud-based file sharing services. It provides on-site file storage with localized control, end-to-end encryption, and detailed audit trails.


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