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Working through the years on all the products CyberArk provides worldwide, Bulwarx became the experts and unavoidable service provider to work with.


This strong experience leads us to provide our customers the best recommendations, practices and perform the implementations to optimize the security of their organization.


Bulwarx holds the ‘Advanced’ Partner Certification - the highest Partner certificate of CyberArk.


With a philosophy of “Trust no file. Trust no device. Trust no network”, OPSWAT provides solutions that help organizations to secure and protect critical infrastructure against malware and zero-day attacks. Besides using multiple antivirus engine scanning, OPSWAT provides Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) engine, Data Sanitization, Device Classification and more.



Over the years of partnership with OPSWAT, Bulwarx is recognized, without any doubt, as the most experienced and qualified partner in the Israeli market.


As Accredited Service Partner of Forcepoint, Bulwarx is the key service provider delivering the market-leading security solutions of Forcepoint in Israel.

Our deep-rooted collaboration helps our mutual customers to meet their technology onboarding requirements and drive maximum value of the products.

Bulwarx is Platinum Partner and the Official trainer of Forcepoint in Israel.


Bulwarx is delighted to count GoAnywhere among its other partners.


GoAnywhere provides a managed file transfer solution that automates and secures file transfers using a centralized enterprise-level approach.


This partnership comes after CyberArk announced the End-Of-Life of their SIM solution (“virtual vault”).

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When Enterprises Goes Hybrid, IT security must adapt. Working from anywhere requires a platform with the agility and scalability to ensure full security and policy enforcement across all edges (users, locations, applications, and clouds). 


CATO is the World's first Security Service Edge (SASE) platform. It converges Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) and network security into a global, cloud-native service.


With CATO, enterprises move from legacy networks built with point solutions and expensive MPLS services to modern networks that are global, secure, agile, and affordable.


CATO Cloud integrates all enterprise network assets, such as branches, mobile workers, and physical and cloud data centers, into a managed SD-WAN service. 


With all network traffic consolidated in the cloud, CATO provides comprehensive security for all traffic at all times.

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SafeBreach is a breach and attack simulation (BAS) platform that allows organizations to assess the effectiveness of their security systems and scale up their security posture by safely executing simulated attacks across the entire cyber kill chain. 


The platform helps proactively identify risks and make data-driven decisions for optimal protection.

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