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MetaDefender Core

Main server running all the OPSWAT sanitization technologies (CDR, Multi-Scanning, Archive handling, DLP, True-type dedication, Vulnerability detection, and more) to ensure organizations they insert clean files into their network.




Gives organizations the confirmation that remote devices comply with their security policies before accessing cloud applications like Salesforce and Microsoft 365.


MetaDefender Central Management

Web-based application that gives administrators an easy way to manage every MetaDefender solutions from a central location.



MetaDefender Email Security

Allows organizations to add an SMTP layer to the Core solution and gives the option to examine and protect emails traffic from malicious threats.

MetaDefender ICAP

Gives organizations the option to integrate with web proxy (Forward and Reverse proxy) and protect the companies’ web traffic from malicious internet content by scanning every files for malware and vulnerabilities.

OPSWAT has partnerships with multiple web proxies’ vendors such as Symantec Blue-Coat, F5, Squid, McAfee, Fortigate and more.

MetaDefender Kiosk

Simple user interface using MetaDefender Core to scan files and inspect all type of media to detect and stop malware, vulnerabilities, and sensitive data security threats before they enter organizations’ network.



MetaDefender Vault

Secure storage web-based solution which has a built-in integration with MetaDefender Kiosk to allow secure file uploads, and with MetaDefender Core to scan all files.

When scans are complete, the Vault sends email notification to the end-user with secure link to download the files.



MetaDefender Drive

Provides a device analysis solution in a USB form factor that embeds multiple anti-malware engines and OPSWAT vulnerability detection capabilities. It is crafted to analyze devices at rest and once plugged into a USB port, MetaDefender Drive is able to quickly and easily boot into any device in an organization that is believed to contain suspicious files.


Bulwarx is the OPSWAT Official Technical Support Team of the Defense Ministry of Israel and all its subsidiaries.

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