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GoAnywhere MFT

Comprehensive File Transfer solution that manages organizations’ file sharing, secure FTP and automation needs through a single web-based management interface.



The MFT has flexible workflows capabilities that allow organizations to create multiple files transfer transactions from every type of resources such as CyberArk SIM Vault, Databases, text files, Amazon S3, Azure Blob storage….


It also can be integrated with a sanitization system like OPSWAT MetaDefender Core and, a DLP solution like Forcepoint DLP.

GoAnywhere Agent

Agents are managed by GoAnywhere MFT giving a lightweight application to automate file transfers and workflows on systems securely (both remote and on-premises) throughout organization’s network.

GoAnywhere Gateway

GoAnywhere Gateway is a reverse and forward proxy that gives organizations the option to move files securely from external networks to the organizations’ private networks without saving files in the DMZ.




GoDrive is a sync and sharing secure documents storage solution that allows IT administrators to maintain local control of file security and user access.


Based on our vast experience and deep knowledge on the SIM solution, we offer to organizations a complete solution for replacing CyberArk SIM Suite to GoAnywhere.

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