Who are we?

Bulwarx Ltd. – Founded in 2013 – Is an independent and innovative new force in the Israeli cyber security market. We are striving to serve as a knowledge center in the cyber security field by developing an expertise in the application of leading technological solutions against cyber attacks, providing a comprehensive service which assists in dealing cyber threats and efficient use of all tools and techniques, providing fast response to cyber attacks (or suspicion of such) incidents.


Bulwarx uniqueness and one of our greatest strength beyond the ability to provide high quality support, is the proficiency to leverage the capabilities and flexibility of existing solutions by providing development of 3rd party solution to existing or new implementations. In Bulwarx products list you will be able to find the most high-end security vendors in the market including CyberArk, OPSWAT and Forcepoint.

The Name

The name "Bulwarx" derives from the word "Bulwark" which means "A wall of earth or other material built for defense".
Source: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/bulwark

Our vision

Our vision is to become the leading cyber security solutions company and to a catalyst in the battle against cyber-attacks.

The Founders

The founders of Bulwarx, Ltd. – Tamir Lavi and Yoav Melamed, both bring with them of over 20 years of work experience and proven practice within the field of information systems in general, and cyber security in particular.

Their experience integrates professional management skills as well as advanced technical knowledge.

Mission & Goals

  • To serve as a knowledge center in the field of cyber security

  • To develop unique expertise in the application of leading technological solutions against cyber attacks

  • To provide a comprehensive service that can assist in dealing with cyber threats, including mapping discrepancies, planning, application and implementation.

  • To formulate tools and techniques to provide fast and efficient professional responses to cyber-attack incidents or suspicion of such an incident

  • To leverage the capabilities of existing solutions within the cyber market through intelligent integration and the development of distinctive interfaces.



The world of information security is facing new and ever-sophisticated challenges on a daily basis and expert decision-makers in the field are constantly forced to provide updated solutions that cater to these threats. Out of this demand for specific and precise expertise, the unique discipline of Cyber Security is born.


Cyber Security acts to shield all of us from cyber threats which include, but are not limited to: cyber-attacks on organizations for political purposes, threats to private business and corporations, or simply a random attack that proves the hacker's power and ability to manipulate the system. We believe that the cyber world is a unique field which demands professional skills that are specific to the dynamic technological threats presented.


Our goal is to provide a one-stop-shop for all of your cyber protection needs and to prevent and guard you from all cyber-attacks that could potentially interrupt your valuable routine at home, in your business, or in life in general.


Hasadna 6, P.O. 7121

Kefar Sava, 4464102, Israel


TEL: +972-77-2 20 22 22

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